The Joys Of Adulting

I always knew that my son loved me; even in the tumultuous teen years. But, I never felt overly respected by him. But, that was until I took him to the eye doctor and I didn’t go in with him.

I intended to go with him, of course, but in pandemic world..that’s not always an option since he is technically an adult. So I was politely but firmly sent to go wait in the car. This was totally understandable but this was my son’s first time being independent in a doctor’s office. So I went to the car, obviously worrying.

And it didn’t take long before William called me. “I have paperwork to do and I don’t know what to put in.”

And before I knew it, here comes William with a clipboard of blank paper.

So I’m filling out his paperwork and William asks with an incredulous tone “Is this what you have to do all the time?”

When I confirmed that it was, he said “Wow, adulting sucks!”

Me, laughing -“Now you know why I put off doctor appointment for as long as I can.”

Him – “Totally!”

So I sent my son back on his way and eventually, he came back…with way less information than I would have have liked. Aside from my eyes are ok. But, the important thing was that he had a whole new appreciation for me! Now you might be thinking that the most important thing was that his eyes were ok or that he had taken a big step into independence. But, no, it’s definitely the appreciating me thing.

And as William settled into the car, he looked at me and said “Adulting stinks. I used to get lollipops; now I get eye drops.”

Re-enactment of actual events!

5 thoughts on “The Joys Of Adulting

  1. Years ago I started having my boys fill out the forms at the doctor’s office. When they would ask me about it I would say, “Why do you think that I taught you how to read and write”?

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