The Mall of Heroes Comic Con Nerded Up My Mall

Last weekend, Lizzie and I went to the mall! I was really excited to introduce her to Regency. The mall that I grew up going to. The mall that was the setting for many of my life shaping moments, including my first kiss. 😉  (Hi, Chris Cooper! Wherever you are!) The mall that has been … Continue reading The Mall of Heroes Comic Con Nerded Up My Mall

A Geeky House Makeover

Brian is a man who needs a hobby. When he comes home from work after a day of dealing with customers who are often less than polite, he wants to be mentally stimulated. I guess he needs to know that he is something besides Brian the store manager. Now me, after a day of momming and … Continue reading A Geeky House Makeover

A Letter To Our Adopted Child

Brian was going through old adoption papers tonight.  Among the MAPP certificate, the background check verifications, and the home study stating that we were approved for up to 2 children up to age 12 (haha); he ran across a letter that we had to write to our future child.  I think it was mostly so the … Continue reading A Letter To Our Adopted Child